"Balance First, Pedal Next Approach To Learning To Ride A Pedaled Bicycle". By KaZAM LLC

It is all about balance and has little to do with training wheels and pedals. The KaZAM is the only run bike on the market uniquely designed with a foot rest. Children lift their feet up naturally and position them on to the foot rest maintaining proper balance and center of gravity similar to riding a traditional bicycle. It is the most realistic approach to learning coordination and balance; and ultimately teaching kids how to ride a pedaled bike.

KaZAM is an industry leader in Consumer Product Safety - In compliance with HR4040 - Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. This law includes: new requirements for lead in children's products; a lower limit for lead in paint and surface coatings; a ban on certain phthalates; mandatory third party testing; EU product safety tested and compliant... For more safety information, click here >

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How To Ride
1. Place KaZAM bicycle on a smooth, flat surface at all times.

2. Sit with feet on the ground, lean slightly forward, and grip handle bars with hands.

3. To propel the bicycle forward, push by alternating with both feet continuously.

4. Place feet on the footrest and practice
balancing while gliding.

KaZAM = No Training Wheels

Do you have a three to six year old who is not riding a bike yet? With the KaZAM learner bike your little one will never have to use training wheels. With a KaZAM children learn basic balance first, then learn to turn the same way they will when riding a regular bike without training wheels. Our patented design enables kids to gradually build confidence and eventually use the foot rest to truly have the same sensation and balance as when riding a traditional bicycle. Your little ones will be the hit of the neighborhood as they learn and have fun with the KaZAM balance bike. Available in blue and pink, boys and girls around the world are having fun while learning the concept of balance on the KaZAM . They are asking about our bike by name, KaZAM !

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