Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose sometimes feels like that eccentric yet eloquent friend of yours that seems to have stepped out of an O. Henry short story from the late 19th century. After all, ours is a company that stepped back over one hundred years in time to hand-manufacture classic wood alphabet blocks in an era of computer games and digital toys.

Top hat. Bow tie. Spats. Our Uncle Goose logo sports the affects of an upper class gentleman of the 1800s. Today, a top hat is frequently worn ironically as a symbol of an out-of-touch aristocrat. The garb of our handsome Uncle Goose character evokes a spirit of fun and mischief, slyly tipping his topper to the fashion sensibilities of a bygone era.

We labor over our products with the work ethic and artistry of midwestern elves from the 1800s. Other than Santa, very few people you know personally still hand manufacture wood toys. We seem to be pressing against an invisible boundary that lies between what is possible and what is practical.

As modern business people, we realize that hand-manufacturing toy blocks is seen as an unlikely and maybe even unfashionable thing to do. Its pass. Its outmoded. Its out of step with our fast-paced, high-tech world. But as artists, not creating blocks seems completely unreasonable... and maybe even dangerous.

Were really in love with learning, design, and creativity. And we love blocks. So this is what we do, and how we approach our craft. Its simple, creative, old-fashioned, and maybe a little quirky; but thats the essence of Uncle Goose Toys.

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