wild carrots

Started by mother, designer and businesswoman, Kara Larson, Wild Carrots clothing is all handmade in Portland, Oregon. Kara handpicks each limited-edition fabric and designs each dress with special attention to children's wants and needs.

Dresses start as cute longer styles, becoming tunics then tops with leggings or pants. No fussy zippers or buttons.

We believe kids clothes should be fun, quality, cute and long lastingexactly what you get with Wild Carrots! We have a collection that we save specifically for the web. If you don't see what you're looking for, we post pictures of current styles from our brick and mortar store on our blog regularly. We are also happy to send images of current styles. Please contact us, at 503-335-3131 for more information.

All children have their own shapeso we try not to label them by a number. The size chart below is a GUIDE to help you choose. Please call the shop if you have any questions, we want you to get the right one.

X-small newborn-18months
Small 1-3years
Medium 3-5years
Large 4-6 years
X-large 6-8 years


"Wild Carrots are meant to grow with the child the clothes are cut on the generous side so they are not constricting, but oh so comfortable if in doubt always size up kids grow like weeds. Also remember the dresses can be later worn as topspants into cropped

 "I want children to be happy and comfortable with a sweet style of their own personally I love to see kids wearing mixed prints and layers of skirts, fun tights or jeans with dresses long sleeve tees under the dresses add warmth and make the dresses for all seasons."

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