Plan Balancing Cactus


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The Player who can balance the cactus without making it fall is the winner. The game is an exciting challenge for 1- 4 players.

Ages 3+

  • Each player can construct a cactus tree by adding or removing a cactus stem.

  • The game starts by putting the base of the cactus tree in the middle of a table.

  • The first player begins by trying to add a cactus piece to the base and the next player adds to this.

  • Each player must try to balance the cactus as a new stem is added.

  • The player responsible for making the cactus fall down first will lose.

Spiel Gut (Good Toy), Germany

German Design Prize, Germany
Good Toy Award, Thailand
Good Toy Award, Japan

  • Manufactured by: Plan Toys

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