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Follow the line, indeed, as it loops, curves, and winds across
cityscapes, landscapes, buildings, animals, trees, sky, and water from
early-morning traffic to night. Each deep-hued page encourages a
counting of images printed over a busy, endless black line as it
outlines figures (and faces) in a succession of graphics imprinted with
complementary color shadings. The line simply propels readers on to the
next image, question, and page, e.g., How many striped shirts can you
count? How many traffic cones can you count? How many cars have their
headlights on? An entrancing counting game with a search through
detailed art, this title doubles as a vocabulary builder for the
youngest readers and includes shapes, colors, and patterns in the
search. Following the creative loops and squiggles of the line is
entertaining in itself. Ideal for one-on-one sharing.

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