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DIY Doll Making Kit - Sunday's Rose by Dumye

"There is so much to love about Dumye's DIY Doll Kits. The materials inside the kits are made with natural and sustainable materials including the blank doll, which provides economic opportunity for women in a poor rural community. Everything needed to design and create a doll of your own is tucked inside this super cute cardboard suitcase, including step-by-step instructions and cut out patterns.  If you’re looking for something crafty to gift a little maker or designer in the making… this is where the parties at! Aunties and grandmas have been known to champion these kits as well because they’re a fun way to connect with the important children in their lives.

Doll 40cm / 16” Tall (size may vary slightly)
Hand-crafted with 100% organic cotton muslin and stuffed with polyfil.

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