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Fender x Loog Telecaster Electric Guitar by Loog

A tiny, 3-string Telecaster! Loog brings its signature elements to the iconic Telecaster® guitar design: 3-strings, one pickup, one knob, small size and big sound! With this guitar--developed by Loog in partnership with Fender--kids as young as 6 get to play, learn and fall in love with music right from day one! The Fender x Loog 3-string guitar reduces chords to triads (only three notes), making the learning process easier and less intimidating for kids. It uses standard guitar strings and tuning, which is why everything you learn can be applied on a 6-string guitar too.

  • Includes access to Loog's learning app, chord flashcards, picks, stickers and a “Leo Fender for Kids” booklet
  • Made with real wood, and has metal strings
  • Ages 6+

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