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My Superhero by Scrollino

Are you brimming with ideas for a superhero, or do you not even know where to start? With the Scrollino® My Superhero, creating your dream superhero has never been so easy. Follow the prompts and come up with your very own superhero. Use your imagination and get creative, then show your hero off to friends and family! Scrollino has a scroller to reveal more paper, a Scrollino box with a “viewing screen,” and a paper roll printed with stories or illustrations. To start enjoying this Scrollino, insert a pencil in the top scroller and turn it clockwise to start playing. Continue turning the pencil to complete your journey through the maze.

  • Includes: 2.36 yards of acid-free heavyweight paper, 1 FSC-certified wood pencil
  • Organic materials
  • Ages 6+

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