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Inner Workings: The Extraordinary Insides of Ordinary Things by Peter Hinckley and Olga Zakharova

A one-of-a-kind STEM book for curious young minds! What would you find if you cut a pocket watch, fireworks, a golf ball, a beehive, or even a merry-go-round in half? Something extraordinary, of course! In Inner Workings: The Extraordinary Insides of Ordinary Things, curious minds will get an inside look?literally?at the remarkable structures and mechanisms inside everyday objects with bold, cross-section illustrations of toilets, ice cream machines, Rubiks cubes, calculators, pool tables, bowling alleys, food, vending machines, and so much more! The perfect book for budding inventors, engineers, and scientists.

Written by Peter Hinckley
Illustrated by Olga Zakharova

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