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The Secret Life of Birds by Moira Butterfield

Did you know that birds navigate by invisible pathways in the sky, that they can call to each other in thousands of different ways, and they can be as big as a car or as small as a little finger?

The Secret Life of Birds is a collection of delightful stories and engaging facts, which imparts a love of birds and of nature on the next generation, inspiring them to look after the world around them. Let much-travelled Speedy the Swift guide you through this
 beautiful first guide to birdlife around the globe. Learn about nest-building and bird babies, feathers and beaks, flying journeys, bird calls, really unusual-looking birds, and ways to spot birds, and help them near where you live. Read some beautiful bird folklore stories from around the planet, too. Speedy has learnt much on her travels and she will be a great guide for young readers, perhaps inspiring them to develop a lifelong love of birds.

Written by Moira Butterfield
Illustrated by Vivian Mineker

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