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The Capybaras by Alfredo Soderguit

A beautiful, articulate, delicately illustrated tale of survival, acceptance and comradery. Alfredo Soderguit manages to simultaneously educate and entertain the reader in this special edition translated from the original Spanish. A powerful story that’s more relevant than ever.

Hens and their chicks love their warm, snug home. Life is simple and comfortable in the chicken coop, where everyone knows their place and worries are far away.

Until one day, when the capybaras appear.

To the hens, the capybaras are too big, too wet, and too hairy. They don’t even follow the rules! But it’s hunting season, and the capybaras need somewhere safe to hide. Can the hens learn to get along with their unexpected guests?

This delightful story shares the importance of opening our hearts to each other, no matter our differences, and the marvelous surprises that can happen along the way.

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