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The Happiness Of A Dog With A Ball In Its Mouth by Bruce Handy and Hyewon Yum

Starting with the delight of waking up into a new day, this book thoughtfully pairs moments of happiness with the worries or troubles that may precede them, which together give rhythm and meaning to our days. Whether it's the nervousness of a beginning paired with the joy of a middle; the indignity of a cut against the healing of a scab; the boredom of nothing to do contrasted with the possibility of nothing to do; or the divide of “mine” versus the excitement of “ours”, these pages challenge the reader to think about daily activities and experiences and the feelings they conjure.

Written with subtlety and gentleness and illustrated in pencil and watercolor with great tenderness, this is a playful and philosophical read, with which to both start and end the day.


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