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Sunglasses - Goonies (Turquoise) by Roshambo

Sloth. Loves. Shades. (and chunk, of course). Is it teal? Is it aqua? Is it mint? Who cares?! All we know is these Goonies teal sunglasses look great on kids of all ages. You won't need One-Eyed-Willy's rich stuff to get your hands on these durable junior sunglasses!

  • Nearly indestructible: Roshambo offers a full damage and lens replacement guarantee.
  • Material is specially designed with kids in mind: durable, flexible, ultra light, comfortable
  • Soft and safe for faces, hands and mouths
  • Small parts tested as safe for babies
  • The polarized lenses have 100% UVA/B/C protection and added glare reduction to reduce eye strain and protect eyes
  • Certified BPA, lead, and latex free

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