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Ricelily Plush by Noodoll

The Ricemonster frogs are back with a new look! Ricelily is a special froggy that loves sitting on their lilypad all day, floating around the pond in the Ricetown, because that's where they get to hear the best Ricemonster gossip! Ribbit! This Ricemonster has a super soft and fluffy pink body, cute little flappy arms and a lovely embroidered face and cheeks. A beautiful plushie froggy friend for decorating your room or giving cuddles to.

If you like this pink Ricelily, why not check out Riceribbit in green too - we have them in both standard and mini plush toy form! Which is your favorite? Can’t decide? Why not start a collection, the Ricemonsters love to be together with their friends. Hop along!


  • Delicate embroidered details
  • Women-owned business
  • Ages 0+

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