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Surprise Bag - Baby Costume Series by Calico Critters

The Baby Costume Series is set of fun costumes and accessories to put on baby figures. What will you find inside the bag? You won't know until you open it! There are nine types, including one secret glow-in-the-dark figure. Collect them all and throw a fun costume party for your baby figures.

Possible figures include Peppermint Tuxedo Cat in Royal costume, Grace Hopscotch Rabbit in Mermaid costume, Henry Sweetpea Rabbit in Royal costume, Darren Buckley Deer in Witch costume, Riley Hazelnut Chipmunk in Pirate costume, Jenny Brightfield Goat in Fairy costume, Blair Persian Cat in ghost costume, and a Secret Critter in a secret glow-in-the-dark costume!

Ages 3+

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