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T-rex: Battle of the Giants 70624 by Playmobil

Attention: the T-Rex is attacking! Oh no, that's actually a hypermodern fighting robot, and whoever is controlling it is up to no good! The robot fighting machine is on destruction course, and Ian, sitting on the back of a real T-Rex with titanium strong protective armour, is ready and equipped with cannons and a catapult.

These Playmobil sets are accompanied by their own CGI animated series, "Dino Rise – The Legend of Dino Rock," which, having launched across the Playmobil YouTube channel early this month. The series takes fans on a prehistoric adventure over seven episodes running at seven minutes each. Available on YouTube and YouTube Kids.

Figures: Ian, Comet Corp. soldier
Accessories: 1 T-Rex, 1 Velociraptor, (dinosaur) armor, 1 fighting robot, (human armor), 2 helmets, 2 hairs, battle tech, 1 catapult, 1 toxic waste barrel, 6 dinosaur missiles, 3 mech missles, 3 legendary stones

Ages 5+

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