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60-Piece City Block Set and Puzzle Mat by Janod

Calling all aspiring architects! It’s time to bring the world’s coolest city to life! With this 2-in-1 game made of wood and cardboard, it’s easy to build your own little world, full of cars and trains!

Once you’ve put the 20-piece city puzzle together it doubles as a play mat (About 2 x 2 ft). Children can then arrange the 60 blocks representing buildings and vehicles any way they like. The game pieces are made of solid wood and painted using water-based paint. They open up a huge range of possibilities for aspiring designers: cities, towers, landscapes - you name it, you can build it! The practical barrel is great for storing the pieces, and it can be easily transported using its handle. This game is perfect for developing hand/eye coordination and spatial awareness. 

Ages 3+

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