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Fabbie Yeti Plush by Fabelab

Fabbie Yeti is a playful soft toy for your little one to play with and use as decoration. The Yeti has a small pocket for little, magical secrets or sweets.

Let your imagination walk you through Fabelab's Enchanted Forest, where you can smell the scent of Christmas and meet the lovely character Bob the Bear. Well hidden in the Enchanted Forest, in between trees that feel giant as we immerse into a whimsical world of lovely creatures and nostalgic elements. All his friends are invited into the warm and cosy Gingerbread House, where it always smells of freshly homemade cookies. There are stockings for everyone and even the Yeti has come to join. Ice skating girl, Bob and Yeti, what a bunch to have a party with. Giant candy canes and drums bring us back to a childhood filled with memories of christmas magic.

Made from organic cotton

About 8"


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