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I Want to Be a River by Cecile Elma Roger

One day, Abel proudly declares: “When I grow up, I want to be a river.” If he were a river, he would run faster than ever and cross entire continents. Other kids try to demolish his crazy dream: as a river, he would be lonely, tired, have no legs...and the list goes on. But Abel persists in his optimism with his head held high… until the moment when a thought of pollution doesn’t leave room for optimism!

Seeing Abel's dream die makes the other kids realize what they have done, and they join forces to bring the dream back, promising to clean the dirty waters of the river. And then they begin to dream! I Want to Be a River is a story that celebrates dreams and the importance of valuing children’s imagination. It explores the negative impacts of bullying, the positive aspects of friendship, and the development of environmental awareness.

Written and illustrated by Cécile Elma Roger

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